Sending teddy bears to poorly children in hospital is a heartwarming gesture that can bring comfort and joy to both the child and their family during a difficult time. It's a simple yet meaningful way to show support and brighten someone's day.To refer a child to receive a teddy bear pack from the baby Ronnie foundation you can do so by using the form below. please include your child's name age and address along with your social media platform if you have one set up for your child's condition. we never store peoples information and dispose of this once the gift is received . We send a teddy pack with a keyring and a pocket hug to children from newborn upto the age of 18 with CHD'S, this could be while they are going through diagnosis, surgery,a long hospital stay, procedure or simply just having a tough time . We know what it feels like going through all of the above and just a little gift can mean a lot to families when experiencing what we did. Rest assured all teddy packs are made up with gloves on using hand sanitizer keeping them all germ free. 

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