We are a small unincorporated charitable organisation which was set up in September 2022 in memory of Ronnie Joe. Everything with the foundation is completely official and everything is set up in the correct way. We have had lots of support and donations since we started the foundation which we are so grateful for. All funds donated to the foundation are used to help children with congenital heart defects and diseases, This may be sending them a teddy bear pack, Donating to their go fund me page or offering parents help and support. We completed our first annual toy drop to the royal Brompton heart and lung hospital on 9/12/2022 and will arrange to do this every year, we have completed 2 so far. We also hold a variety of awareness events in the community and have so much planned for the near future. We sadly lost Ronnie aged 2 on the 19th august 2022 due to Restrictive cardiomyopathy,a disease of the heart which restricts the hearts ability to pump blood around the body, Ronnie had this from birth however it was not picked up untill he stopped breathing at home on the 19th June 2022 and was blue lighted to hospital , He was then transferred to a london hospital where he remained on life support in the PICU fighting up untill the 19th august when he was taken from us. He put up the fight of a champ he is our champ and always will be,we miss him so much and the only thing we can do now is put our pain into power. After experiencing how hard,scary and terrifying it is going through what babies go through,we wanted to help other children and families suffering. CHD’S are mostly either found in pregnancy or in infants and not at birth. One in 125 babies are born with a Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) and 300 infants die from congenital heart disease in the UK every year. Around 1,000 newborns also leave UK hospitals each year with undetected CHD’S and we feel that it is important to raise awareness on this aswell as organ donation. if you would like to help raise funds for the foundation please get in touch with us we are always easy to reach via email,Facebook,Instagram,TikTok or our website and we can then send you out a free fundraising pack. If you would like to refer a child who may be going through a bad time,to receive one of our teddy bear packs,please contact us via one of the above methods. Or visit one of our social media pages xxx